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news_image_31Focus on International Production 13 Apr 2010

April, 2010 There’s no denying that the year is flying by and we’ve already had some pretty fantastic experiences. One of the highlights of the year ... more

news_image_30Focus on Animation 16 Mar 2010

March, 2010 37 South Films was recently engaged by ANZ to produce a critical message for their Information Security Office. QUESTION: How do we really engage ANZ ... more

news_image_29Focus on the Beginning of the Year 23 Feb 2010

February, 2010 Despite our disbelief that it’s already February we’re had a great start to the year! January was a busy month with time spent filming ... more

news_image_28Focus on Cinematography 23 Oct 2009

October, 2009 Communication Design company, think! OTS recently contracted the services of our own Colin Bell as cinematographer to film all around Australia on the new ... more

news_image_27Focus on Web Content 06 Sep 2009

September, 2009 An ongoing project with DDB Melbourne for Coles, we filmed a series of cooking demonstrations to work in conjunction with the current “Feed Your ... more

news_image_25Focus on Marketing 05 Aug 2009

August, 2009 A series of videos produced on the new Melbourne Convention Centre. Starting with two environmental awards entries showcasing the achievements of the building with ... more

news_image_24Focus on Cultural Change 03 Jul 2009

July, 2009 ANZ – ICARE Conversations. Shot on location in Brisbane and Melbourne, this was an interview-based project with an extremely fast turnaround. Not only did the ... more

news_image_23Focus on Professional Development 03 Jun 2009

June, 2009 Department of Human Services – Professional Development and Support. A quirky approach to introduce staff to a new PDS program. We addressed this project with ... more

news_image_22Focus on HR/ Recruitment 07 May 2009

May, 2009 Connex – Authorised Officers and Station Staff Recruitment. Part of a recruitment drive promoting different career paths within Connex. We took a filmic doco style ... more

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