Focus on Animation

November, 2011

37 South Films has just completed the seventh and eighth training animations in the Lockey series.

‘Lockey: Agent 11426’ is ANZ’s Information Security animated mascot – a klutzy character who delivers security training with a touch of comedy to ANZ globally.

He has been so successful that ANZ have created a Lockey ‘action figure’ to ensure that security is foremost in everyone’s minds.

We have just wrapped up our third series of videos that 37 South Films produce for us. Our animated character, Agent Lockey, stars in a series of educational videos that help clarify for staff what they need to do to protect our corporate and customer information.  This is a fun and effective way to communicate our messages and staff enjoy the comical yet educational approach that Agent Lockey takes. The videos are short enough to remain impactful and staff are able to receive valuable tips and hints in only a few minutes.  The latest videos were filmed with the voiceover recorded all in the same day and the turnaround of the finished films was impressive. Thanks to the crew at 37 South Films for once again producing the high quality videos we have come to expect!”

Delwin Langman
Management Information & Reporting Manager
Information Security Office

Click here to see some of Lockey’s highlights