Point and Shoot

June, 2010

Did you know that the season finale of the popular TV show House was recently filmed with the Canon 5d II stills camera? It’s true!

Here at 37 South Films we too have started shooting on the Canon 5D II. This is a digital SLR that now does high quality HD video as well as professional size stills. It can also be used alongside our Panasonic Broadcast HD cameras that we have been using for the last number of years.

The advantages that the Canon 5D bring to our shooting is high image quality, small physical size and the fact that it looks like any other domestic camera. This allows us to travel overseas without the customs problems we have experienced with the larger cameras. It can also be mounted in difficult and challenging positions such as cars that we couldn’t do before.

After 25 years of camera work it’s also the first time I’ve travelled out to shoot with the camera on the back of a motorbike, great for city shooting!