HMAS AE2: The Silent ANZAC

Focus on HMAS AE2, the Silent Anzac

HMAS AE2 was an Australian WWI submarine that was scuttled in 1915 during the Gallipoli campaign.  Rediscovered (intact!) in 1998, the Submarine Institute of Australia is now working to protect, preserve and promote AE2.  This was a post-production project where we pieced together archival images with footage shot by divers who explored the wreck.  For further information go to the screening room.

‘Telling the heroic story of Australia’s first submarine, HMAS AE2 penetrating the Dardanelles minefields and eluding the pursuing Turkish searchers as the forts thundered – all in 3 minutes is no mean task.  The 37 South team tackled it with imagination and dedication – a great job and an invaluable aid for fundraising. Thanks team.’

Rear Admiral Peter Briggs, RAN Rtd,

Chairman AE2 Commemorative Foundation