Focus on Web Content

September, 2009

An ongoing project with DDB Melbourne for Coles, we filmed a series of cooking demonstrations to work in conjunction with the current “Feed Your Family for Under $10 with Curtis Stone” promotion. The finished clips were placed on the Coles website where customers could watch a demonstration of the meal being prepared as well as finding the recipe and shopping list.

A perfect example of web based content adding value to a promotion.

We find that this is becoming the trend. Rather than simply creating a web file as an afterthought to a more traditional production, many companies are embracing the idea of the web as being their targeted mode of delivery.

If you’ve been thinking about widening the scope of your communications, why not let us talk you through some of the options? We may even share some of the behind-the-scenes tricks we picked up that makes the food look so good in those glossy pics!