Concept to Vision

From start to finish, the production of any piece of visual communication is in collaboration with our client.


At 37 South Films, the starting point for any project – corporate films, training, inductions, presentations or tender pitches – is always the concept, the big idea.

We work with both local and global companies, creating unique concepts that will help you reach your communication objectives, for any platform – social media, website, internal, live presentations and more.

Once this concept is realised and the creative set, we can provide a proposal and budget that gets the ball rolling.


This process is all about detail. To achieve a great production that is delivered on time, on budget and on brief, you need to think ahead. Pre-production for any video communication is the vital step that makes the entire process run like clockwork.

We use this stage to develop the script and finalise the creative, draw up storyboards, create a production schedule, assign the relevant crew, cast talent and source props. We undertake location surveys, if required, and produce call sheets and shot lists.


On a 37 South Films shoot, nothing is left to chance. With the Pre-Production meticulously executed, the mechanics of this stage run smoothly and leads to a seamless integration during post-production.

With over 25 years of experience in our industry, our in-house expertise ranges from Cinematographer and Creative Director, right through to Producer and Project Manager. This ensures an effective and professional outcome, which is complemented by the high calibre of freelancers we have developed relationships with over the years.

We ensure risk assessments are done, leaving nothing to chance, and carry Public Liability of AUD $20 million.


At 37 South Films, we have a talented team who take the raw images and create fantastic vision using the latest technology available in one of our two edit suites.

We capture the footage and begin the editing process in conjunction with our client. With edit approvals, our clients either come in to the edit suite, or we upload to a secure hosting site for clients to view in the convenience of their own office.

It is during this process that we create any text graphics and special effects, add sound design, music, and voice overs, and finalise with a colour grade. This is all dependent on what the initial creative requires.


Getting the final production out to your audience is as important as all other aspects of the production process. We will supply you with your final product in the format that meets your specifications.

The vision is completed. You watched it grow from a concept to an approved final master, which you and your colleagues have viewed endlessly – it’s done… However, we’re forgetting the most important and exciting part of the whole journey – presenting your vision to your audience and witnessing the benefits.